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As the world is shifting towards a greener future, countries are reducing their dependence on oil by investing greatly in renewable energy infrastructure projects. Inventocean Technologies is an Engineering company dedicated to this transition to Renewable energy. We are at the forefront of developing Floating solar technology and are providing Mooring and Anchoring solutions to our clients for Floating solar projects (>25 MW). Our team also keeps pace with the research and development of offshore wind and wave energy systems. We are passionate engineers who believe that engineering is a combination of art and science and we work hard and smart to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their offshore engineering projects. We provide Intelligent Design Engineering services and will help you save costs wherever possible.

Hydro elastic analysis floating solar in waves

Our USP's

Inventocean Technologies was founded with the aim to provide innovative and optimized solutions to the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Industry. We value the importance of sound engineering and strive to operate on three basic principles :-

Do it Right the First Time

We focus on understanding each step of project cycle and work towards finding the most efficient solution to avoid future re-work.

Think Outside the Box

We challenge ourselves to find ingenious solutions to the old problems.


With the power of programming we automate repetitive tasks allowing ourselves to focus on sound engineering that matters.



Offshore Oil & Gas

From shallow water Jackets to Deepwater TLPs, Inventocean Technologies has the technical expertise to perform Installation engineering for your Offshore projects.
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Floating Solar RENEWABLE


The transition from Offshore Oil to Renewable is happening now and at a pace faster than ever before. We are applying our knowledge from offshore to innovate in the field of Renewables (Floating Solar,Offshore Wind,Tidal,etc)

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New Technology

Inventocean Technologies is thrilled to exist in this age of innovation and new technology. We are enthusiastic to be a part of a sustainable future, and we work very hard to contribute to the next generation of environmentally friendly design.

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Advanced Technology

Research in Field of Floating Solar Platform Design

Blog Posts

Offshore Technology
Rahul Kanotra

Marine Lifting – Engineering and Planning

Ever since the offshore industry has expanded to deeper waters, one topic of broad and current interest, that has dominated the industry, is the weight of topsides lifted offshore. Installation contractors advertise engineering feats accomplished by successfully lifting the large topsides using heavy lift vessels (HLVs) offshore.

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Offshore Technology
Rahul Kanotra

Mooring System Design and Analysis

As the offshore industry moves towards greater technological advancements, one thing that has plagued the engineers is the “plug and play” computer programs or software. I am not against any software as such, and in fact, I am a big fan and power user of Bentley’s MOSES program.

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